‘Stagnation in your Liver?’ Don’t Panic!


Stagnant WoodIf reading these cards leads you to think that your Liver may be Stagnant, your Heart Qi may be Deficient, or your Kidneys may be out of balance, this doesn’t mean there is cause for alarm.

Certainly you should take any medically significant symptoms to your doctor to get them checked out.

But, Chinese Medicine is also interested in more subtle signs of imbalance. Symptoms that your doctor would call ‘sub clinical’, from a conventional medical point of view.

Organ systems and energies

And Chinese medicine is talking about your physical Liver or your physical Spleen. But, with each organ and each Element, it’s also talking about a wider matrix of resonances that tend to move together.

When it talks about your Wood Energy, it’s talking about your Liver in the same breath that it’s talking about your tendons and your anger and your fingernails. When it talks about your Metal Energy, it’s talking about your Lungs but also your skin and your immune system and your grief.

You should be not just well, but fabulous

Chinese Medicine doesn’t just want you to be ‘not sick’, it wants you to be in glorious, abundant, wholehearted balance. Fantastically well. And so, in the modern world of speed and pressure and stress, almost no-one is in perfect balance. I don’t think I’ve yet met someone who could tick every ‘in balance’ box. So rest assured, you are in good company.

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