The Five Element Reference Cards

Understanding and nourishing YOUR constitution

“Love the cards! You’ve got me all excited about Five Elements again! And lots of advice ideas for patients. They look great and there’s exactly the right amount of information – enough to be meaty, informative and thought-inspiring without being overwhelming.”

The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine tells us that you have a primary Elemental resonance within you. This probably shines out in your very best qualities. At the same time it can be the area where you most often find yourself out of balance. These cards describe the five constitutions and their diverse resonances, and ways you can nourish each one.

Dense with ancient wisdom

Five Element Cards

A huge amount of Five Element knowledge is condensed for you into these 12 double-sided cards:

  • Each Element has a card which talks through your energies in that Element, how they can manifest and what they may mean
  • And a second card to inspire you in ways to nourish those energies
  • A beautiful Chinese body clock card talks you through the best times during the day for different challenges
  • The Five Element card summarises the resonances of all the Elements
  • Plus some added extras in the Ebook edition

Inspiring you to bloom

  • Renew your understanding of your five energies
  • Gain valuable insights into your health and character
  • Be inspired in how to nourish each of your energies

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