Cards now available as an Ebook!

EbookIt’s taken a while, but the Five Elements Reference Cards are finally available as an Ebook.

I’m amazed to discover it’s more than a decade since I first created the cards. Sets of theseĀ twelve cards, densely packed with ancient wisdom, have found homes with people all over the world.

They are with acupuncturists, acupuncture patients, shiatsu students, Feng Shui practitioners, and those who just want to explore their own Five Elements, everywhere from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand. In my mind’s eye, individual cards are propped up on shelves or stuck to bathroom mirrors, giving daily inspiration in nourishing a particular Element.

Ebook edition

This Ebook edition includes all the text of the cards, plus a few extra words here in this introduction, and at the end. Images of each card are included too, and hopefully are big enough for you to read, but also small enough not to take up too much space on your device.

Now I will also be able to imagine you communing with these Five Element Cards on your Kindle – on the beach in Thailand, or up a mountain in Wales. Wonderful.

Buy yours here.