The Five Element Constitution Quiz

Five Element test

Which Constitution are you?  Which of the Five Elements is the most resonant in your mind, body and soul, driving your strengths and your weaknesses?  This is your chance to find out!

There are 25 questions and it usually takes less than 10 minutes.  The more honest you are, the more meaningful your result will be.  Rest assured that we will not save your answers to individual questions, we take your privacy seriously.

Enjoy.  Your results will be on the next page.


1.In restaurants, do you
2.Is your ideal sex life more
3.Which would add most to your life?
4.Which of these would make you feel best?
5.When you think back to a recent injustice you suffered, do you feel more
6.Is your perfect home
7.When you think about a recent loss you suffered, do you feel more
8.Can any of these be a problem for you socially?
9.When you think about being in a good relationship, do you feel more
10.Which is most resonant for you?
11.When you think back to a recent time your needs were not met, do you feel more
12.What is most troubling in the modern world?
13.A team will work best when (pick two)
14.When you think back to a frightening experience you had, did you feel more
15.If your pillow needs washing, it will smell closest to
16.Where are your vices?
17.If someone had to pick, would they say your voice is more
18.When you start a project, what takes up the most headspace?
19.Does your face show any of these? (compared to others with your ethnicity)
20.Striking features of your face include (compared to others of your gender and ethnicity)
21.Which time of year do you find hardest?
22.Which are you? (pick as many as you like)
23.When it comes to your posessions
24.How do you choose your friends?